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Check and Get Real-Time Notifications in Mac menu bar

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With GlimpseEase

Easy Access
GlimpseEase sits in the menubar, making it easy to access.
Stay Up-to-Date
GlimpseEase automatically monitors your Stripe transactions, providing real-time updates every minute, so you're always in the loop without lifting a finger.
Work Without Distractions
Say goodbye to constantly checking your phone for notifications. GlimpseEase sends timely notifications directly to your desktop, allowing you to focus on your work uninterrupted, eliminating the need to constantly glance at your phone during work hours.
Effortless Accessibility
Set it and forget it! Once you've configured GlimpseEase with your API keys, you're all set. No more repetitive logins or keeping browser tabs open.

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Free to download and use. We offer Lifetime Deal and tiny subscriptions.